Shaheed Bhai Gurpal Singh ‘Pala’

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The great Sikh general of the 20th century – Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindrawale organized the Sikh nation against the Indian state and initiated a fierce struggle which was taken part by countless warriors who gave away their lives for the sake of Dharam (righteousness/religion). Among those countless warriors was Bhai Gurpal Singh ‘Pala’ from the Doaba region of Punjab. Bhai Gurpal Singh was born on April 15, 1965 in the Neelowal Patti of village Bilga, situated in Tehsil Phillaur,... read more »

Shaheed Bhai Harjeet Singh Dhillon

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Following the collapse of the Sikh Kingdom and subsequent British occupation of their homeland, the thirst for freedom and prosperity had not yet evaded the Sikhs. Whereas the people of Hindustan had been enslaved for hundreds of years under the evaders and rulers of Ghajni, Khilji, Lodi, the Mughal Empire, France and Britain, the Sikhs had only been under occupation for a total of 98 years, and that too amidst an ongoing struggle for freedom. During the British Raj, the Sikhs were the first to... read more »

Shaheed Dr Gurnam Singh Buttar

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Shaheed Dr Gurnam Singh Buttar - Sikh Students Federation Dr Gurnam Singh Buttar was one of many brave Sikhs who gave up their well paid Government jobs in protest of Operation Bluestar and the atrocities being carried out upon Sikhs all over Hindustan. Dr Gurnam Singh Buttar was born in the small village of Buttar, District Gurdaspur into the household of Sardar Daleep Singh and Mata Niranjan Kaur. Dr Gurnam Singh was the youngest of 6 children, with 2 elder sisters and 3 elder brothers. Dr Gurnam... read more »