How The Singhs Punished Gobind Ram

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An oppressor thinks that after he has committed his evils, people will be terrified. They will forget their honour and pride and bow before him. This does not always happen. It is said that a crowd has no mind, but sometimes there are some people with a mind in the crowd who stand up and agree to have their heads cut off but will never allow themselves to bow before an oppressor. When the news of Gobind Ram’s challenge came to Bhai Karam Singh, Bhai Sahib published a reply in the daily... read more »

Shaheed Bhai Raminderjeet Singh ‘Tainee’ Babbar & Shaheed Bibi Manjeet Kaur Babbar

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Shaheeds: Bhai Raminderjeet Singh 'Tainee' Babbar & Bibi Manjeet Kaur Babbar Of those thousands of warriors that were martyred in the struggle for the Sikh Nation’s freedom there was a Saint Soldier who was very firm in bani and bana by the name of Babbar Raminderjeet Singh Tainee. Bhai Sahib was born in the year of 1965 to Mata Sharanjeet Kaur and Master Amrik Singh in the city of Jalandhar. After receiving his elementary education Bhai Sahib went on to higher studies at Ramgharia... read more »