Historical Events

The history of the Sikhs is so unique that many people compare the stories of the Guru’s, Saints and Shaheeds to fairy tales and stories of make-belief. With the many miracles of God that have been prevalent since the founder of the faith there have also been turbulent times. Times which are grey and era’s that are dark. Sikhs, who have always fought against injustice and oppression, thought that the times of hardship would be over when they made agreements with India’s Government before India’s Independence.

In the sections below you will be able to read for yourself the history of Sikhs plight for freedom and the betrayal by their ‘so-called’ allies. Again we have not exaggerated any story and many of the accounts come from independent sources.

Gaddar Party
Komagata Maru
Jallianwalla Bagh
Akali Movement
Babbar Akali Movement
Saka Tarn Taran
Nankana Sahib Massacre
Gurdwara Reform
Sikh Contribution, Promised Made & Betrayal
Sikhs Contribution to Freedom & Promises Made
Broken Promises & Discrimination
Sikh Freedom Movement
Anandpur Sahib Resolution
1978 Amritsar Massacre
1978 Kanpur Massacre
Dharam Yudh Morcha
Operation Bluestar
Delhi Massacres
1991 Khanpur Family Massacre