Shaheed General Labh Singh

December 14, 2009 - Posted in Khalistan Shaheeds

Shaheed General Labh Singh

Shaheed General Labh Singh

The road to revolution is enlightened and reddened with the blood of every guerrilla who laid his life for his country and justice.

In the years which have followed the storming of the Golden Temple complex, much has been said about our Sikh brothers and sisters who have fought and died for a sovereign Sikh homeland: a Sikh homeland for which they have spilt their blood so that we can one day live in freedom.

It is appropriate that we spare time to read the history of one of the greatest saint-soldiers in the present struggle against the Indian regime. Bhai Sukhdev Singh alias General Labh Singh is ranked in the forefront of warriors for the liberation of Khalistan.

He was born in the village Panjwar in the district of Amritsar and at a very young age had a yearning to learn and practice Sikhi. After finishing his education, he left and joined the Police force. He served in the Punjab Police until the day of Vaisakhi in 1978 when 13 innocent Sikhs were killed by the ‘Nakli’ Nirankari cult who were being sponsored by the Indian Government to divide the Sikhs. General Labh Singh’s spirit further revolted when he witnessed the desecration of Sikh shrines and the brutalities committed on the Sikh youth by the Indian Security forces. He realised that serving in a corrupt and inhuman Police force was not an honourable profession. The spirit of the saint-soldier awoke in him and he went to see Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who had gathered a large following amongst the Sikh youth. Sant Bhindranwale, a socio-spiritual leader was gearing his activities to counteract the anti-Sikh activities of the Indian regime whose aim was to destroy the religious base of the Sikhs and other minorities through state violence and repression. Sant Bhindranwale campaigned for Sikhs to take up arms to defend their faith. Having witnessed the oppression unleashed on the Sikhs, Labh Singh listened to his conscience, discarded his Police career and became actively involved in the struggle for freedom. He joined the flowing ranks of the Saint-soldiers of the Damdami Taksal under the leadership of Sant Bhindranwale and started to bring all those people guilty of human rights abuses to book in true Sikh tradition. It was Sant Bhindranwale who named him Labh Singh because whatever mission he was sent on the Sikh nation profited from.

Aftermath of Operation Bluestar

Aftermath of Operation Bluestar

During the storming of Sri Harmandir sahib (Golden Temple), General Labh Singh was given the duty to protect the side entrance to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and it was this bunker which inflicted the most damage to the invading forces as ‘General’ Brar of the Indian army has quoted. During the attack, General Labh Singh was arrested and tortured in various jails across India. He was also one of the Jodhpur detainees.

On 26 January 1986, a Sarbat Khalsa was held under the guidance of Damdami Taksal at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and a number of resolutions were passed. The main resolution broke all ties with India and it was announced that it was a goal of the Sikh nation to establish a sovereign Sikh homeland as envisaged by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. The Panthic Committee was formed to overlook the Sikh struggle and the Khalistan Commando Force (KCF) was instigated to lead the armed struggle for the liberation of the Sikhs from Indian rule. The Khalistan Commando Force’s first Chief General was Bhai Manbeer Singh Chaheru alias General Hari Singh, who was a member of the Damdami Taksal and had been a bodyguard of Sant Bhindranwale. It was General Manbeer Singh who planned an audacious rescue to free his colleagues including Labh Singh from the clutches of the Indian Armed forces. On 6 April 1986, General Labh Singh was being escorted by the Indian Police on his way to a court appearance in Jalandhar when General Manbeer Singh and two other commandos from his unit attacked the Police convoy, killing six security men. This was a real encounter with the Khalsa forces, not the fictional accounts Indian government dreams up to camouflage its brutal regime in which only the Singh’s are killed and the Police don’t even receive a scratch. Thus Labh Singh was rescued from the clutches of the Indian authorities and became even more determined to fight to free his nation from the chains of slavery.

When he rejoined the struggle, not only was he one of the most charismatic of the Sikh fighters, serving as an inspiration to the disfranchised youth. After the arrest and disappearance of Bhai Manbeer Singh on 9 August 1986, General Labh Singh took command of the Khalistan Commando Force. In retaliation for the arrest, General Labh Singh sent out Shaheeds: Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha and Bhai Mathura Singh to ‘bring to law’ General Arun Kumar Sridhar Vaidya who had masterminded the desecration of the Sri Harmandir Sahib but presided over the mass killing of innocent pilgrims, destruction of 37 other historical Sikh shrines, the looting of the Sikh Central Museum and Library thus depriving Sikh’s of their rich heritage.

After committing these crimes against humanity and destroying thousands of lives, on 31 January 1986, General Vaidya retired for a quiet life in Pune. On 10 August 1986, one day after the arrest of Bhai Manbeer Singh, the Khalistan Commando Force took revenge by killing the Chief of the Indian Army, General Vaidya.

Shaheeds: General Labh Singh, Bhai Charanjit Singh Channi, Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Gurjeet Singh

Shaheeds: General Labh Singh, Bhai Charanjit Singh Channi, Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Gurjeet Singh

Under the command of General Labh Singh, the Khalistan Commando Force became a very popular fighting force and the number of organised groups fighting for Khalistan mushroomed. He was an exceptional organiser who centralised the Khalistan Commando Force by appointing six Lieutenant Generals as territory commanders. Under the Lieutenant Generals there were Area Commanders in charge of different districts. In the event of a Lieutenant General being killed or captured, the Area Commanders took over. Each of the Khalistan Commando Force cells contained 10 to 15 personnel, this would include weapons carriers, contact personnel and hit men. Each group was responsible to the high command and orders and directives were given to all personnel via the Lieutenant generals. During this time the Sikh Students Federation (S.S.F) supplied the activists and political manoeuvre and proved beneficial in the propagation of Khalistan ideology. The Khalistan Commando Force was now in shape to expand its operations throughout the country. The finance was managed through collections and safe houses contributed with food, shelter and man power.

During this time, the support of the Punjabi people was clearly with the Sikh freedom struggle and this was evident from the help and support the public provided. In this time, there was also resurgence in Sikhi with thousands of people being baptised in to the Khalsa fold. Saffron turbans and flowing beards was a clear indication that the Sikh people wanted to demonstrate their distinct identity; even though the flowing beards and saffron turbans were targeted by the Indian security forces.

In 1987, the so called Akali Government brought in the next butcher of Punjab, Julio F Ribeiro as Director General of Punjab Police. He proved to be a tyrant. Riberio was infamous for the bloodshed he caused in Bombay and other cities. He was given a free hand in Punjab to pursue a policy of repression and this he did. He announced a policy of ‘bullet for bullet’ and this literally meant kill any Sikh whom he considered to be a terrorist without giving them a right to a trial (Not that a trial could not be stage-managed by the state given the corruption of the Indian judiciary). This warped man had not learnt from history that the Khalsa armies have fought greater armies tan his and that he would finally meet his match. Realising that the Sikh freedom fighters did not shy away from martyrdom, Ribeiro introduced the infamous Black Cats (State sponsored death squads).

After numerous fake encounters in which thousands of innocent Sikhs had been killed, General Labh Singh decided to give Ribeiro a surprise call. On 2 August 1987, General Labh Singh led a unit of the Khalistan Commando Force to attack Ribeiro at his own Headquarters in Jalandhar. Ribeiro was walking with his wife in the gardens when the Singh’s took aim and attacked him however, the coward fell to the floor and played dead. The Khalistan Commando Force freedom fighters, thinking they had finished the butcher of Punjab, made their escape. This attack left Ribeiro a nervous wreck and shortly after, Ribeiro retired and left Punjab for a safer place. In 1992 he was posted to Romania as High Commissioner. Here too, Sikh units were dispatched to bring him to justice. This action resulted in two Singhs, Bhai Jagroop Singh and Bhai Jaswinder Singh gaining martyrdom. Ribeiro however, was forced to go into hiding and resorted to an imprisonment under tight security.

Shaheed General Labh Singh

Shaheed General Labh Singh

On 12 July 1988, the time had come for General Labh Singh to complete his mission and become once again with the Almighty. He was betrayed and arrested by a Police snatch squad. They tried in vain to break his resolve in order to get information on the hideouts of his fellow activists. With the grace of Waheguru, he didn’t utter a thing. He became another victim of Police torture and murder.

During the last few years under enormous pressure, hardships, continuous betrayals by certain corrupt ‘Sikh’ leaders, and due to the proper guidance which General Labh Singh, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar, General Avtar Singh Brahma, Doctor Gurnam Singh Buttar and other alike gave the Khalistan movement, errors have been committed and attributed indiscriminately to our brothers in arms. Incipient elements of terrorism, traceable to autocratic tendencies have thus taken form. The culprits of such activity are rarely Sikh armed groups. It is clear the majority of the killings have been by state sponsored in an attempt to halt and discredit the Sikh freedom movement.

Over the past few years there has been an upsurge in the killing of innocent Sikhs and people belonging to other minority groups in India. The murder of innocent civilians is never acceptable and the injustices committed by the Indian regime should not be forgotten. General Labh Singh has become a hero of the Sikh people and a part of village folklore. What is needed today is for the Sikh people to recognise the martyrdom of the thousands of Sikhs whose only dream was the establishment of an independent Sikh state of Khalistan. It is now up to us, the present generation of Sikhs, to break the chains of slavery and keep the torch of freedom burning no matter how much injustices are committed by the Indians against us.

Taken from Khalistan Diyan Goonjan, written by Bhai Gurnam Singh – Sikh Students Federation (S.S.F)


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  1. maninder singh says:

    we r to glad to know abt sheed singh who secrifice their lif sikhism

  2. jagteg singh riar says:

    general labh singh was a mastermined person and a never forgotten sikh hero……..

  3. KHAN AZAM says:

    I am a muslim,but i really impressed with the Courageous spirit of SANT BABA JARNAIL SINGH JI BHINDERWALA, Mothers gave birth to such a lion heart son once in a century, I pray to Allah that He give me such a strenth to fight against tyranny, Sant JI was a hero to all nations of world, a true Lion.

  4. look ye i dont think SANT BABA JARNAIL BHINDERWALA is a terroist he just has guts to fight FOR his religion and stand up for his rights. if oher fellow sikhs followed him and agreed then its is no one elses business. He was a true Lion for fighting in what he believed in GOD BLESS AND I SAY REST IN PEACE…!!!!!!! AAKAL

  5. KIRAN says:

    Yes it is true what you are saying. I think operation blue star shouldnt had took place as there incocent sikhs in the golden temple. if they wanated to attack baba jarnail they should of done it else where not in a the most love place for sikh. Rest in peace all inconcent SIKHS…. aakal……!!!

  6. jasbeer says:

    sant jarnail singh should not have been killed as he was a freedom fighter for SIKHS!!! kiran i dont agree with you becouse sant jarnail singh was important for other people not just you OK

  7. Deep says:

    The purpose of the attack was not just to get sant ji but Kill the spirit of the Sikhs.
    They wanted to halt the rebellion. Sant ji was the leader and killing him wasn’t gona solve the solution. So they thought that they should not just attack those already rebelling but every sikh so we get scared and stay surpressed.
    Indian govt attacked all sikhs to show that they don’t care about their community at all and they thought that this would scare the sikhs and kill the rebellion but attack on harimandar sahib woke up more people as they saw true face of india..
    The delhi genocide also reflects how india treats the sikhs. it has been 25 years but still we haven’t gotten justice.
    Those who say that Things have changed should really take some time and look into lives of those that spend each and everyday struggling to make their living because those who provided for them were burnt alive they go through everyday knowing tht their loved ones were burnt alive and those guilty are walking around free..
    they remember their loved ones dying..
    Same for those that were killed in Punjab in the 80s..

    Those who think situation is any differnet are just not looking at where it should they are blinded by the fact the prime minister is a sikh. that primeminister who openly said that he is an indian then a sikh!! you should put ur religion before anything. i am not saying that india shouldn’t be secular but he just told the sikhs that he aint the one who is gona get them justice so stop looking upto him.

    The Shaheed Parivaars and those families that continue to struggle today need our help. We live in foreign countries we may not be rich but i am sure everyone of us do waste $ on useless things we all should unite, save as much as we can and try to help those sikhs stand on their feet again..
    we dont make any effort then who is?? we complain about other poeple not doing anything but are we? we ALL need to walk to walk. Unite for once.!!!! for the sake of those suffering!

  8. Asi Singh Han guru gobind de mout nu karde makholl Han
    phela asi bhaji mori mugla Di nava Khalsa Bna fits
    Hun bhaji mirage Gandhi badal Di
    asi gobind de putar ne je asi
    apna khisthan na bna dita

  9. I say I’m Azadbir Singh sekhon from Amritsar baba bakala I knowsant g not torrist sant g very good parsan sant g nu sar Tr badal ne turrist bnea c guru duria te raj kkaran waste

  10. alex says:

    After reading all history about sikhs.I will say sikhs are the real heroes in past,present and gone be in future tooo………….GOD BLESS U ALL SIKHS.

  11. Mandeep Singh says:

    after listen all the story and the year 1984 i say that. The sikhs are going to be worn again. boleeeei soo Nihaal Sat Sri Akal

  12. jass karan says:

    all sikh plz save the punjab in india and start the khalistan in punjab all 1984 is the most inpotent part in the all sikh not revind the story in 1984 and start the khalistan. all sikh wating the punjab in the khalistan.

    boleeeeeeeeeeei soooo nihaal sat sri akal

  13. amitoj says:

    general lal was a true hero and now after blue star now we should understand that we and our gurus never wanted a seprate country bt they always fought fr the ppl and the country and fr our sikhi bt now times have changed and aftr good research i can say that we have to live in this country and show others that we are no one to mess with and we will never dissapear ..
    and now second issue jokes abt us and our pug should be stopped even if u have to fight fr do it and if help is needed make ur own groups reinforce ur self that ppl should know that we are not to be messed with bt dont do gunda gardi and help ppl cos this is wat our religion stands fr
    may ppl understand and do wat is right

  14. Jagandeep Singh Judge says:

    The sikhs will never fall, even after many attempts by mughals, hindus and the british we have proved to be victorious even in the face of defeat. We are the newest religion ever established and the short time we were made within the same era we were demolished.. living in jungles to obtain our sikhi to keep practising the rules of our religion, 1762 they burned down the whole forest killing alotta of sikhs, within those sikhs was maharaja ranjit singhs descendants.. His blood felt the pain which caused him to rise up again all tyranny and any injustice… the mughals tried to end our religion by putting prices on our heads, by making singhnees witness their kids being killed infront of them, by torturing our guru and their followers to death out in the public, and now we suffer the same forms of torture in a modernized way in India.. but these stupid indian government doesnt know that sikhs can never fall, we can never be demolished.. they should look into history because when any one tried to get rid of us, all it did was bring more sikhs up… all those sacrifices our gurus made just rose more people to bless them selves with the gurus amirit…. we willl never be demolished…. RAJ KAREGA KHALSA.. the purest will rise…. and the gurus singhs will forever be victorious in the name of god and truth BOLE SO NIHAL SAT SRI AKAL!!

  15. Singh says:

    The more i learn about the recent past of us Sikhs and how our homeland and our people have and still are being treated by those in power at Delhi,the more pain i feel. I may not be the most religious but i too have pride in who and what i am. Khalistan i agree with in principle…but those who live abroard should not have a greater say in its creation that those who live life on a daily basis in Punjab as it will affect them the greatest.

    For freedom from oppression and aggression Sikhs,Muslims and Hindus fought aganist the British. They have got their independence, but only to our great cost as our lands today lie divided by their national borders.

    Our war of independence began in 1984…The attack by their armed forces began the first battle of our war of independence…Surely the second battle is not too far… In that first battle our warriors were all born and raised in Punjab….In the second battle they will come from our communities across the world.

    Independence for any people did not come in an instant…

  16. Jatin Garg says:

    AK-47 waale khalastaan bana raye ne !!!!
    Khalistan is real,We’ll make it with our blood.

  17. randeep singh khalsa says:

    santji was a great personality .he fights for rights of sikhs

  18. Sevak Singh says:

    Dhan Dhan Guru de Piaaray,

    Waheguru bless us with another general like General Labh Singh

    Maharaj ji, please bless us with even 5% of the Kirpa Bhai Sahib had.

    Parnaam Shaheeda Nu

  19. amandeep singh sidhu says:

    sat sri akal’
    a very kindly request to all my brothers and sisters. if anyone knows about gurjit singh kaka sikh student federation of poohli of bathinda then plz inform to us here

  20. sandeep singh says says:

    sant jarnail singh ji khalsa zindabaad,damdami taksal zindabaad . khalistan zindabaad.sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale was the real hero of 20th century.

  21. Mustapha says:

    Although I am from Pakistani Punjab but I am glad to know the the struggle of our punjabi brothers. We got the common blood relation which is most important than anything els.

  22. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Sikhs like General Labh Singh should be our role models and we should try to emulate their lives and not just pay lip service.

  23. Randeep khalsa says:

    every should make sanji as ur role model

  24. Randeep khalsa says:

    every should make sanji as thier role model

  25. Gurpreet singh says:

    main sochda han ki aasi chade ta han ki aasi vi kuch kariye par sanu koi spot kyun nai de reha hai. aasi kida apne veera di sheedi nu bhul ke us ke hindu sarkar de thale lag sakde han. jena soormya ni indra nu narg vich bejeya ona nu ta sarkar ne ek mahine vich hi saja de te si te jehda lakha singh da katal aa onu koi saja nai kyun. oo mainu nahi lagda insaf miluga sanu khud hi lena pena aa. ehe hindu log sanu attvadi kehde ne te ehe ki ne. 1984 vich sikh nal, 1992 vich muslims de nal, 2002 vich gujrat te, te 2008 orrisa vich christians de nal. enha sare roits vich ek hi naam comman aa oho aa hindu te he sanu attvadi kehde ne, mainu nahi lagda ki sanu hindustan vich insaf our izat milugi sanu apna des banan hi pena aa. te main is de layi puri tarah nal teyar han. i my waiting for khalistan force to join. mai hi nahi hor vi kaye veere ne jo ana chade ni par koi link hi nai milda.

  26. Kiranpal Singh says:

    Khalistan Zindabad

  27. Harjinder Singh says:

    ??? ??? ????? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??,
    ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??,
    ???-??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ??????,
    ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??,
    ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??

  28. sahil rana says:

    i m a hindu…….but i hve full sympathy towardas innocent sikhs killed after 1984,op bluestar nd indira’s death……
    i want 2 say u ol sikhs ,u shud not demand a separate land “KHALISTAN”
    INSTEAD u shud make ur PUNJAB as pure,prosperous,develop full of sikhism dat iz real khalistan my brothers.
    u hve 2 teach lesson of sikhism,khalsa to every sikh in punjab dat iz real khalistan mere veero….

  29. daas guruka says:

    SADAA NISHAN JHULDAY RHANAY PANTH PIYARAY DAAY……………KHALISTAAN JINDABAAD………veer jio vahayguruji tuhanu sabnu chardia kalaa bakshay…….kaom daay lakhay Jo jind na aay uho kisikam dinahi…….RAAJ KARAYGA KHALSA ……..AAKI RAHAY NA KOOAY

  30. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe, pyraa khalsa jee listen pyraa nal guys the attack on the golden temple should awaken you, we are slaves, every mother,father,sister,brother, child should be aware of this. Present day jathedar Sri maan Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindrawala we all await your arrival. GUYS THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL, singho get ready, read bani and the people that haven’t taken amrit please do. Be pita ji’s pyraa sit in his lap and have in mind you did it for a good cause. Sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindrawala and khalsa paanth please say “SATNAAM SRI WAHEGURU SAHIB JI” maharaj kirpa karen please keep it in mind.

  31. inderpreet singh says:

    mr. Sahil rana g i wana say something to u “raaj bina dharm na chale” thats why we want independant sikh homeland..