Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan

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Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan - Deputy Chief of Khalistan Liberation Force

Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan - Deputy Chief of Khalistan Liberation Force

Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh ‘Toofan’ was born in 1971 at village Cheema Khudi. His father Sardar Mohinder Singh, Jugraj Singh have five sisters, being the only son of his parents.

Jugraj Singh was 14-15 years of age in when Indira Gandhi ordered the army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984. The destruction of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib left Jugraj Singh saddened and his religious emotions came to the boiling point, he decided to fight against the injustice being carried out against Sikh’s in their own country and he dedicated his life to the Sikh cause from 1984 to April 1990.

Bhai Jugraj Singh used his weapons to protect people and punish those who implicated atrocites on Sikh faith. At a young age he spent some time in Nabha security jail with Shaheed Bhai Manbeer Singh Chaheru and Shaheed Major Baldev Singh Ghuman. Singh’s in jail would tell Jugraj Singh that he is too young and only son of their parents so he should stay at home and take care of the family instead of jumping in the Sikh fight against the state. However, Bhai Sahib always said that he wanted to serve the Sikh panth and he did not care if that cost him his life.

He once in Nabha jail also narrated a incident about how he used his index finger under his shirt to mimic a pistol and receive a ride, as no one was stopping on the road side to pick him up, to reach a important meeting with other Singh’s. All the Singh’s in Nabha jail were impressed by Bhai Sahib’s dedication to panth.

In 1987 Jugraj Singh came in contact with Chief of Khalistan Liberation Force, Bhai Avtar Singh Brahma and participated in Sikh struggle under his command. Jugraj Singh participated in planning and carrying out the assasination of butcher police officer Gobind Ram in Jalandhar, at Punjab Armed Police Headquarters (PAP). After this incident Punjab Police was frantically looking to eliminate Bhai Sahib.

Sikh nation is a nation of martyrs. Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa army out of Shaheeds and only those are Shaheeds who’s Shaheedi is accepted by the Guru himself. Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji never raised his weapon on innocent public and he never participated in looting innocent people. He fought for the nation with a clear conscious and he gave his life for Sikh nation and attained Shaheedi in accordance to his Guru.

Bhai Sahib was a great men of valor who was not only loved by Sikh population but also by Hindus. Many Hindu villagers left their homes to safety during militancy days but in the area where Bhai Jugraj Singh was active, many Hindu families decided to return to their native homes as they felt safe and secure in presence of Jugraj Singh who was fair and protective of all men belonging to different religions. This is an example in itself and a show of high character of a true Sikh.

On early morning of 8th April 1990, at village Mari Butchian near Sri Hargobindpur police and border security force’s surrounded the house were Bhai Sahib was staying for the night and the encounter started. On this day Bhai Sahib was sick and a trusted person went to the city to fetch some medicine for him. When Jugraj Singh started to use his AK 94 gun, he found out that the pin of his gun was missing. At that time Bhai Sahib realized that the person who went to city for medicine was a traitor and he took out the pin form gun and then sent the police on him. All five Singh’s got out of the home to save the innocent lives and ran into the field of sugarcane. Three Singh’s went to one side while Jugraj Singh and Bakshish Singh went the other way. During this gun battle Jugraj Singh got hit by a bullet in his leg and was unable to move, so he asked Bakshish to leave him but Bakshish Singh refused to leave him alone. Bhai Bakshish Singh lifted Jugraj Singh on his shoulder’s and tried to escape on a tractor but tractor got stuck in the field and they were both hit by police bullets. Jugraj Singh died on the tractor while Bakshish Singh hid behind some houses and kept fighting and later died of bullet injuries. Other three Singh’s including Bhai Baljit Singh and Bhai Piara Singh were able to escape from the gun battle.

Almost one thousand Sikh’s and Hindu’s surrounded the police station at Sri Hargobindpur to receive Bhai Sahib’s dead body. On the day of his cremation it is estimated that almost four lakh (400,000) people were gathered to pay him the last tribute which is again an example of itself in the Sikh history. Baba Takhur Singh of Damdami Taksal, Shaheed Major Baldev Singh Ghuman , Simranjit Singh Mann, Bibi Rajinder Kaur Bulara, Bibi Bimal Kaur Khalsa, Justice Ajit Singh Bains paid homage to the great hero’s during the antim ardas of Bhai Sahib. On this day the president of Sri Hargobindpur’s BJP party Mr. Darshan Lal Chopra said that Jugraj Singh was their shield and protected the Hindu’s and today we feel alone after he is gone.

There are three award’s that are given out for Sikh brave men. Surbir Yodha Award, Baba Banda Singh Bahadar Award and Shri Dashmesh Chakar Award. Bhai Fauja Singh Ji of Akhand Kirtan Jatha received Surbir Yodha award on Vaisakhi of 1978, on 4th June 1984 Sant Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh, and General Shubeg Singh received Baba Banda Singh Bahadar award, on 31st October 1984 Bhai Beant Singh Ji received Baba Banda Singh Bahadar award and Satwant Singh received Surbir Yodha award. On 8th April 1990 for the first time Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji received Sri Dashmesh Chakar award, which is the highest award given to a Sikh martyr.

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  1. sujit singh says:


    Khalsa g Bai Jugraj Singh was sukh a great khalistani fighter.he was a such a great soul who his all life to SIKH PANTH. i prsonly know him whith great story. i SOLUTE this KHALISTANI Soldier. and pray against SACHE AKAL PURKH G for giving peace his soul and helps the sikhs to complete his mission

  2. jagteg singh riar says:

    waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh……

    according to my…… bhai jugraj singh was a grat fighter ,a great soul with full of affections to the all religions people….

    i am also living near bhai sahib village…. in our side we called bhai sahib as “BABA JUGRAJ SINGH”……..

    DURING MY SCHOOL TIME… my schoolVAN….. passed in front of baba g house…..

    at that time in the memory of bhai sahib … a gurduwara sahib was…. started…….but in remain uncompleated ……….also present time remain uncompleted….so we have to took some steps to complete the memory of bhai sahib…….so that our nxt generation remember the saheedi of BHAI JUGRAJ SINGH

  3. deep says:

    ssa ji, i m looking saudagar singh veparwah kavishri about jugraj singh toofan

  4. gyani gurmukh singh k says:

    wgka k.
    Wgke f.
    Gurdaspur de jameen ta es surmea ne janam ly kar name roshan keeta.
    Aj ve uoh din yeead ne jad mild ta gurbani tu bina gal na karda har time te guru de gal he kar da, pat nahi sahda sabna da supna khalistan
    da kad pura ho va ga guru ramhat kara ga.
    Khalistan jinda bad
    raj krega khalisa.

  5. sukh randev says:

    waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh,,baba jugraj singh sabton nek dil insaan c es nek dil insaan naal main v waokt gujaryia c par uddon main baut chotta c,main baba ji di ak 47 v farri c eh gall mainu ajj v chetta aa.te jis din baba ji nu saheed kita gia c us din main v aapne nanake mari bucchian c te baba ji nu mere nanake ghar laage jalama walon saheed kita gia c te jalama ne baad vich mari bucchian vala gurudawara v dha dita c jithe kade singh aayia karde san.main v oss gurudaware baut vaar gia c main nikka hunda a sochda c ki o gurudawra angreja ne dha dita aa par mainu saari sachai wadda hon te pata chali.baba ji da supna asi poora karange khalistan ban k rahega.

  6. wgji ka k,wgji ke f.
    Janni jane ta bhagt jan,
    ja data ja sur.
    Nahi ta janni bannj rahe,
    ka hai gavay noor.
    Yah 3 gun san bhai jugraj singh vich.
    Data- kadi ve gareeb nu tang nahi keeta,hindu luka nu pinda vich rakha.
    Bhaght-nitnam de etne pake san ke itne bimear v san phir v nitnam nahi san shad de.
    Surmea- itne charde kala se k gobind ram de himat nahi c hundi k dhandoi school tap ja.
    Aj lor hai sikhi rahani bhani wale gursikha de
    guru ji mehar karn
    guru panth da kukar.

  7. Nishan singh says:

    My name nishan singh sant jarnail singh coming soon i have granty

  8. manpreet singh riar says:

    i am proud to be gurdaspuria because toofan is also from gurdaspur and he has done a good job to save sikhs and punjab.

  9. Gurbaj singh cheema says:


    Main gurbaj singh bandukiya bhai jugraj singh ji di barsi te aap ji nu hardik sadda dena (8 april 2012) V.P.O:CHEEMA KHUDDI,TEH:BATALA,DIST:GURDASPUR(PUNJAB)

  10. grewal says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa , waheguru ji ki fateh…..
    bhai jugraj una vare padh ke mann trip ho gaya….
    apne sikh dharam layi enni waddi kurbani….sare sikhan nu sedh dindi hai ki unna da satkar karan …bhai una nu yaad rakeya jaana chahida hai….bahut loki uhna vare nahijaande…..punjab nu sucheet karo…..khalistan zindabaad

  11. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh khalsa ji benti hai k bhai jugraj singh ji da pind cheema khudi nede madhi buchiya hargobindpura jila gurdaaspura hai aap ji ne cheema khurad likh dita Jo k galat likhya gaeya hai jio

  12. harpreet singh says:

    waheguru g da khalsa
    waheguru g d fateh
    salute for saheed jugraj singh toofan

  13. dr. jiwan jot kaur says:

    I have heard that bhai Jugraj singh toofan wrote a document in which guidelines were laid to unite scattered that available? if yes can i get it?

  14. Gurbhej singh says:

    waheguru g ka khalsa.
    waheguru g ki fatha
    bhai jugraj singh toofan zindabad…….

  15. Gurbhej singh says:

    bhai saab jo kr gaya …o koi nai kr sakda…but koi v jathabandi hun dhan nai dha rahai …plz plZ plz hat bann k requst a kuch socho?????????

  16. jashan says:

    wage guru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

    mera pind chemma khudi aaa mai jadoo vi pine Jana vaa ehna de ghar due bahar rukk ke jarur Jana va mereiya aakhan bhaarr jandiyaa ne bhai jugraj Singh ji toofan zindabad

  17. gurpinder kaur says:

    when this happened I was only 5 years old and I remember everything I am from pejo chack and we went to see when baba jugraj singh shoot by police there was bhai sahib’s blood on road and we saw blood footprint on road that was tarrible. I can never forget that even I didnot know on that time what is happening

  18. gurpinder kaur says:

    when this happened I was only 5 years old and I remember everything I am from pejo chack and we went to see when baba jugraj singh shoot by police there was bhai sahib’s blood on road and we saw blood footprint on road that was tarrible. I can never forget that even I didnot know on that time what is happening.

  19. Haans gora says:

    Jugraj singh yodha jo tkronda nal toofan

  20. Harinder Singh says:

    We love Bhai Singh And We cannot forget him….. Never….ever in our entire life… He was BRAVE?…

  21. gagandeep singh sandhu says:

    Mard TOOFAN nu manne Jahan…salute to Singh Sahib.

  22. parnaam sheehda nu …… .

  23. ck singh chahal says:

    Waheguru maher karan te sadi sikh koum nu fir toh idaan de soormay bakshan…. waheguru g maher kro bhut lod aa aaj sadi koum nu…

  24. wahguru g ka khalsa shri waheguru g ki fathe

  25. Parvinder Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa sri waheguru ji ki fateh

  26. rishab says:

    Gidra DA sunya group firda kehnde sher marna
    This song is sung for jugraj Singh by ranjit bawa Punjabi song