Shaheed Baba Jang Singh

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Shaheed Baba Jang Singh

Shaheed Baba Jang Singh

Shaheed Baba Jang Singh was born in village Mahel Kala in 1937, into the house of Sardar Bishan Singh & Mata Harnam Kaur. In 1950 Baba Ishar Singh Ji (Nanaksar) visited this village for a keertan smagam, Baba Jang Singh was very impressed by the divan and left for Nanaksar with Baba Ishar Singh Ji. At Nanaksar Baba Jang Singh performed his duties with utmost respect and dedication.

In 1961 Baba Ishar Singh Ji visited Delhi for a smagam and on his return stopped at Karnal; here the sangat requested Baba Ji to construct a Gurdwara for the sangat (congregation). This task was started by Baba Sadhu Singh in 1963, after Baba Ishar Singh Ji had passed away. In 1972 the Gurdwara building was complete and thousands of devotees came to visit the Gurdwara and seek blessings of Guru Sahib. In 1981 on request of the sangat, the foundation stone was laid for a langar hall in dedication to Mata Sahib Deva on the GT Road bypass at Karnal, where 24 hours langar was served to the devotees. Baba Jang Singh Ji was at the forefront of this seva.

From the very first day Baba Jang Singh Ji entered Nanaksar till his last breath Baba Ji was ever immersed in Naam Simran and seva of Guru Ji’s sangat. There are very few individuals who are blessed with attributes of spiritual and physical power and strength, Baba Ji was one of them.

Inevitably one who takes birth has to leave the earth one day, but some deaths are such in which eternal existence is hidden. These deaths are granted to the brave individuals who surrender there lives for truth and justice. Baba Ji fell into this category, he could not stand the injustices and atrocities carried out upon innocent Sikhs. Baba Ji fought against these oppressors head on.

The Dharam Yudh Morcha led by Sant Jarnail Singh alongside the Shiromani Akali Dal had become the talk of the whole nation and a headache for the Indian Government. During the Morcha a bus full of captive Singh’s was taken to a railway platform at Tarn Taran and collided with an oncoming train, in which 34 Singh’s attained Shaheedi. This new wave of atrocity deeply touched the hearts and minds of the entire Sikh community and it became apparent to that the Singh’s were deliberately massacred by the government.

Floods of sangat from many different areas began to emerge to pay their respects for the Shaheed Singhs. The sangat gathered at Amritsar and set off towards Delhi to let the tyrant leaders at Delhi know that there voices cannot be silenced.

The first night the sangat stopped at Fategarh Sahib and second night at Mata Sahib Deva langar hall in Karnal. After performing his langar seva duties Baba Jang Singh also joined the sangat in their march to Delhi.

Upon reaching the parliament, the sangat was fired upon on, Baba Jang Singh marched towards the front and a hail of bullets riddled his body.

Baba Jang Singh Ji’s final rites were performed by Baba Sadhu Singh (Nanaksar) on the 23rd of October 1982, many Sikh personalities came to pay there respects. Even till this day thousands of devotees visit Karnal Gurdwara Sahib where talk of Baba Ji’s sacrifice and seva is ongoing.

Article printed in Sikh Shahadat magazine.
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  1. gurinderpreet singh cheema says:

    i m the president of “SAHEED BABA JANG SINGH WELFARE AND SPORTS CLUB MEHAL KALAN{BARNALA}. BABA JI JO DHARAM YODH MORCHE DE PEHLE SAHEED SAN . ASI apne pind nu karma wala mande ha jis dharti te baba g da janam hoya.

  2. tarsem singh says:

    dan baba jang singh jijina kom de khatr saheedi pai

  3. Prabhjot Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh
    Shaheed Baba Jang Singh was, is and will always be in hearts of millions. Naam Simran and Guru Ghar di seva was his mission. He always inspired people to live a sikhi Jeewan and always follow the path of truth and never bow down to injustice. He was the one sole who followed the Guru Granth Sahib’s teachings. Guru Kripa karan eho ji roohaan nu sada ang sang saade naal rakhan. My Grandfather Late Sardar Harnam Singh Tarar ji was one of the devotees who requested Baba ji to build the Niwas for Guru Sahib at Karnal and later the land was devoted for Guru Sahib at Singhra, Karnal. Today its a big Ashram which is build at Nanaksar Singhra, Karnal. One Gurudwara Sahib is at GT. Road karnal and other one is at Nanaksar Sinhgra. Today Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji is looking after the Nanaksar Gurudawara Singhra and today its not just a Gurudwara its a Ashram where devotees from all over the world come and chant Naam Simran. It will be a pleasure if some one could give me more information on Shahid Baba Jang Singh Ji as i have been ordered to collect more information by Baba ji himself. i’ll be obliged. Daas onna de charna ch matha tekdi hai te sabnu benti kardi hai ki kise nu hor wadd information howe ya kisi di koi aap beeti howe jithe Baba ji ne aap hath de ke rakhya kiti howe de daas nu jarur dassan is column rahi.
    Dhanwad Sareya da

  4. Simarnaam Singh says:

    The full sakhi is absolutely amazing. These short versions are very good for raising awareness of these great Gursikhs but words simply cannot do justice to such amazing Shaheed Singhs

  5. jagjeet says:

    amar sahib sant baba jang singh ji .. saheedo ke sartaj

  6. lakhwinder singj says:

    Satkarjog sant baba jang singh ji nanaksar valeya dee tasveer sikh ajaeeb ghar vich lagni chahidi hai baba ji ne apne khoon da katra katra sikh kaom de lekhe laeya