Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal

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Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal

Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal

Baba Gurbachan Singh was the last major Sikh Resistance leader to fall. The Indian Govenrment had put a RS 25 lakh reward on his head and was searching the entire Tarn Taran area for him, conducting 45 raids at one time to trap him. Baba Ji escaped each time and continued to be a painful thorn in India’s side. When all the other Singhs had been martyred and the entire Indian Security Force was on his trail, he refused the order to go and hide in Pakistan and spit on the offer to surrender. He simply could not be caught. Even in the end, he was martyred not by police bullets, but by the betrayal of those he considered his own.

Bapu Atma Singh & Mata Gurmej Kaur

Bapu Atma Singh & Mata Gurmej Kaur

Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal was born on June 6, 1954 at village Manochhal in Amritsar district. His parents were Bapu Atma Singh and Mata Gurmej Kaur. His parents were simple farmers but their family had a heritage of struggle against injustice. Bapu Atma Singh’s uncle had become shaheed in the Jaito Morcha, marching against the British Raj.

Baba Gurbachan Singh was from childhood a very strong and muscular boy. He enjoyed wrestling and other sports. The family moved from village Manochahal to Naushera Pannuan when Baba Ji was still young because his mother’s brothers had left for Singapore and left behind a large farm that had to be maintained.

Baba Ji was in the tenth grade when once he saw a boy inappropriately teasing and harassing a group of girls. Baba Ji grabbed the troublemaker and beat him badly. The teacher found out and in front of the entire class asked the young Gurbachan Singh to explain why he had beaten the other boy. Baba Ji explained, “Sir, he was harassing the bibis and after all, all women should be like our sisters. So, I couldn’t help myself and I did what I had to.”

The entire class began to laugh at Gurbachan Singh’s use of the word “bibis” for the schoolgirls. The teacher laughed and said, “I see! These girls are “bibis” and you would be the “Baba Ji. All students! From now on, everyone will call Gurbachan Singh, Baba Ji!”

After that day, the nickname “Baba” stuck and everyone began to call him Baba Gurbachan Singh. In the entire area, people began to know him as “Baba Ji”.

Baba Gurbachan Singh completed his education and at his father’s wishes, decided to join the army. Baba Ji was 6”1 and over 200 pounds. The army happily enlisted him as an “A level” recruit.

Even in the army, the name “Baba” Gurbachan Singh stuck. He was known for doing paath and being a devoted Sikh, even though he was not yet Amritdhari. Every day he dedicatedly did his nitnem. One day, as Baba Ji was doing nitnem, he fell into deep samadhi (meditation). The time for the daily military parade came and went and Baba Ji had no awareness of it. The officer in charge of the parade demanded to know where Baba Gurbachan Singh was. The other soldier tried to explain that he was meditating but the Hindu Officer had a bias against Sikhs and refused to understand.

The officer went to Baba Ji and shook him into awareness. Baba Ji apologized for missing the parade and explained he was reciting Gurbani. The officer responded by making fun of the Sikh faith and insulting the Gurus. Baba Ji’s anger couldn’t be controlled and he tackled the officer. His fists flew and the officer shrieked for someone to help him. The other Sikh soldiers watching did nothing as they knew how much the officer hated Sikhs. The beating continued for some time when finally other officers came and stopped Baba Ji. Baba Ji had broken the Hindu officer’s arm and his nose.

Baba Gurbachan Singh was arrested and court martialled. After a year of prison, Baba Ji left the army and returned home with a desire to dedicate his life to Sikhi.

Although Baba Gurbachan Singh did nitnem and had a love for Sikhi, he was still not Amritdhari. Baba Ji always attended programs by various Sants and one day he found out that Sant Kartar Singh Bhindranwale would be coming to his village for a program. Baba Ji was very moved by the katha and wanted to speak with Sant Kartar Singh. Sant Ji encouraged him to become Amritdhari and so Baba Ji did so within just a few days.

After receiving the gift of Amrit, Baba Gurbachan Singh decided to travel with Jatha Bhindra(n). He became very close to Sant Kartar Singh and also learned Gurbani Santhiya and Katha. Baba Ji had memorized many banis and had a very long daily nitnem which he began very early at Amrit vela.

After the passing of Sant Kartar Singh, Sant Jarnail Singh became the next jathedar of the Jatha and Baba Ji was also very close to him.

In the 1970s, the Indian government sponsored Nirankari cult began to come to the forefront and publicly derided the Sikh faith and insulted the Sikh Gurus. The cult chief, Gurbachana was known to have said insulting thinks like “Guru Gobind Singh made the punj pyaray, I’ll make the sat sitaray”. He also insulted Guru Granth Sahib.

On April 13, 1978, the Nirankaris had a march through Amritsar in which slogans against the Sikh religion were shouted. Singhs from the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and Jatha Bhindran marched peacefully against the Nirankaris but were brutally attacked. 13 Singhs were martyred and many more were injured. Baba Gurbachan Singh had also taken part in this march and was shot in the arm.

Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal recovering in hospital (2nd from right)

Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal recovering in hospital (2nd from right)

When the Nirankaris continued with their insulting parchaar and were protected by the Indian Government, the Singhs began to punish the Nirankaris themselves and Baba Gurbachan Singh also wanted to join this movement. When he asked Sant Jarnail Singh for permission, Sant Ji kept saying that Guru Sahib was to take a very big seva from him yet. Sant Jarnail Singh asked Baba Gurbachan Singh to return to his village of Naushera Pannuan and direct the building of Gurdwara Baba Dhanna Singh Kaviraj there. Baba Ji accepted this hukam and returned to his village, but visited Sant Ji regularly even after.

Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal’s relationship with Sant Jarnail Singh was very close. Once, someone in Naushera Pannuan made the accusation that Baba Gurbachan Singh didn’t even know Sant Jarnail Singh and was using his name for his own purposes. Baba Ji gathered the Sangat and traveled to Amritsar to disprove this allegation. Baba Ji and the Sangat went to the roof of Guru Ram Das Langar and when Baba Ji told Sant Jarnail Singh about what had been said, Sant Ji replied, “Gurbachan Singh is so near to me that he can cut off my head and take it away if he wants…”

When in 1982, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had gone to Bombay, the Indian Government thought it was the perfect time to capture him. The police surrounded the area and when Sant Ji received word of this he thought of a clever ruse. Baba Gurbachan Singh, who had been traveling with the Jatha, was about the same height as Sant Ji and wore the same style of clothes. He covered his face and lay down in Sant Ji’s bed so those watching would be fooled. Until Sant Ji had made his escape, Baba Gurbachan Singh continued to lie in bed and when he finally got up, the government agents were shocked and disappointed that their opportunity to arrest Sant Ji had passed.

Later when Baba Gurbachan Singh would volunteer for different missions to punish the enemies of the Panth like Bhajan Lal and various police officers, Sant Jarnail Singh would always say, “these are all small jobs for you. I am going to take a very big seva from you eventually…”

The Gurdwara in Naushera Pannuan where Baba Ji did seva was regulary visited by Singhs serving in the Movement.

As the days of the attack seemed to be drawing nearer, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale sent a message to Baba Gurbachan Singh for him to come meet him at Sri Darbar Sahib. Baba Gurbachan Singh was waiting for the opportunity. Sant Ji met Baba Ji very warmly and told him that an attack on Sri Darbar Sahib was imminent. Baba Ji requested that finally this time his seva should be accepted and he would join Singhs in defending the Complex and become Shaheed. But Sant Ji knew that this Singh would one day be a General that would shake all of India. Sant Ji said that not all the Singhs should be Shaheed in the attack. That after the attack the struggle must continue and it would no longer be a struggle for greater water rights or concessions from the Center, it would only be for independence. For Khalsa Raj. Baba Ji vowed to give his all in the fight for the Panth and for sovereignty. Sant Jarnail Singh gave Baba Gurbachan Singh a siropa and lovingly ordered him to return to his village and not return until summoned. Baba Ji knew this would be their final meeting.

The attack took place and the Singhs defending Darbar Sahib became Shaheed after wreaking havoc on the Indian Army. Baba Gurbachan Singh knew that the “big seva” Sant Ji had spoken of was now at hand.

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  1. jagraj says:

    he was a real soilder he did diffrent in his life, we never forget him

  2. jagteg singh riar says:

    he was the real hero of khalistan………….

    sher garj de ne{baba gurbachan singh} billian{punjab police} sirf meeeeaaaoooooooo kardian ne

  3. Jagandeep Singh Judge says:


  4. lilly Bhinder says:

    Baba g is Great khalistan fighter
    we solute this great soul
    He was a great SURMA which r cannot brth again and again
    He is great koomi jathedar and sevaadar
    the one thing is baba g Shaheedi time and my brth time is same

  5. randeep says:

    respect to baba gurbachan singh a true hero and neverforgoten makes you proud to be a sikh.

  6. lakhvinder says:

    asle sher se guru de foj da

  7. lakhvinder says:

    fer jarurat h hun eho jehe shera de

  8. Rippan says:


  9. sultan singh says:

    a true lion we singhs need to regroup and take up arms

  10. wjkk wjkf Fateh to all khalsa ji

    Baba Manochahal was great Sikh Leader and He was very serious to make our Diff Nation as a Khalistan.29 april 1986 Panthic commity declares the War For Khalistan with Indian Govt.Baba ji was was member of Panthak commity that was want to election in Punjab.
    1992 di election ch govt nu cid di report si k je kar punjab ch election hundi hai tan Kharkooan di sarkar banegi is lai kujh kitta jave.sarkar ne chif election nal gal karke clection di date postphone kar ditti te nall hi apne bande activate kar dittey k Kharkooan de kuj Bande kharid lavo te kuj jano mar devo j fir v lection di gal karn tan ehna di aapas ch dooshan baji karke ehna nu badnam karo te Amandpur sahib di meeting ch ehna kolon election bycott karr vavo. kisey v keemat te.
    Sohan singh di panthak comity jo sarkari c(more detail lai auguest 2010 fatehnama paro and news paper dekho)ne hor jathebandian nu v gumrah karke Te baba manochahal te sarkari hon de dosh la k bycott da sadda sikh jathebandian nu de ditta c te sarian jathebandian bycott lai tyar v ho chukian c.
    baba Manochahal ne Bhai Manjit singh te harminder singh gill nu apney walon Anadpur sahib de meeting ch bhejia c te har halat ch eletion da bycott na karn lai te election larn lai kiha c. But doojian jathebandian de dba ch aa k bhai sahib hori election bycott kar aaiey c.doojian jathebandian goli nall khalistan bnauna chaundian si but baba manochahal election de hak ch si.
    jad Brompur vikhey baba ji nu Bhai Manjit singh horan walon election bycott di news milli tan oh bahut Gussey ch(angery) aa k bhai manjit singh nu kehan lagey k j tu Sant Kartar singh da ladka te bhai Amrik singh da brother na hunda ta mai tainu hune hi ethey Goli maar(kill) k maar dena c, tainu ni pta tu panth da kinna vada(big) nuksaan kar ditta hai. Hun asi marrey jana hai te jo lok sanu sad sad k kendey hundey c k baba ji ajj sade ghar Parshada shako ohna ne sade kehan te v hun booha nahi kholana asi hun marrey jana hai te sikh shangarsh(movement) kai dhakian pichey pai jana hai.
    Baba ji di eh bhavikh bani sach sabat hoi te Beant sarkar ne chun chun k sikh naujawan jo kharkoo vu nahi san marne shuru kar dittey te 1993 tak sare hi kharkoo shahid ho gye c.
    Baba ji ne eh v kiha c k jo menu aj sarkari dasde ne time aun te uhna nu aapey hi pta lag javega k Panthak kaun c te sarkari kaun.
    vakiaa hi hun sohan singh jo apney aap nu panthak comity da chief kenda c osda bian aug 2010 dian news papers ch aia k osda khalistan naal koi sambandh nai hai. hun sare hi panthak lok baba manochahal de is stand nu right mande ne. But hun ki faida sara nuksaan karwa k sanu hun samaj aiee hai.chalo der aayey darusat aayey.
    ajj Baba manochahal de clection bare lai stand nu panth ch ubaran di lor hai te sanu election bycott to hoey nuksaan bare v lekha jokha karna chahida hai. Election bycott ch vadey vadey sikh leader majood c jo ajj di date ch election laran lai pabbhan bhar ho rahe ne par ohna nu panth walon khair nahi pai rahi hai.

    ******Jaldi hi aa rahi Baba Manochahal ji di jiwan gatha vichon.*********

  11. jagseer singh says:

    sat shri akal.Na ta mera jagseer SINGH hai par kam kutia nalo v gaye gujre,kuta v apne malik da vafadar hunda hai. Par main apne malik apne pita SAHIB SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI di kurbani nu bhul ke idher udher bhatak riha c.Ajj mainu mera PITA mil gya hai Ajj to ik nave jagseer singh da janam hovega.

  12. baba ji was realy true lion

  13. akashdeep says:

    apna khalsa hunda te apna hi khalistan hunda

  14. rouunak singh says:

    baba g badi uchi te suchi soch vale san par kom vich gadara d kami nahi hai nahi te shayad asi aj v baba g de darshan kr sakde

  15. honey says:

    Baba manochahal was a great soul who fought against the bruttled ruled in indian govr. he was real lion of khalsa which never bow down his knee against indian govt.Baba ji ne dushmane de dandh khathe kite te zindgi de akhri pal tek ruler nu vahani paee rekhia.Waheguru akalpurk una di atma nu shanti bakshan.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.

  16. Harjinder Singh says:

    Parnaam Shaheedan Nu

  17. manraj singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh………….baba ji ne panth lyi bhaut vaddi karbani kiti..asi ohna nu kade nai bhula sakde…….

  18. Baba monochal Is the best ktf leaser and parnam shaheedi nu

  19. Karnail Singh Khalsa says:

    He was real Sant Sepahi. I salute his soul.

  20. balwinder singh says:

    Shaheed kom ki shan ,jan,man,nishan hote hai.babar sher baba ji.

  21. balwinder singh says:

    True lion of the panth baba ji.

  22. Kuldeep Singh says:

    It is a pity that in Baba ji’s time there were so many traitors who betrayed him.
    For a start why the hell why did Dr Sohan Singh find the need to set up a new Panthic Committee. He lived his life in an air conditioned house in Chandigarh whilst Baba Ji was wondering the fields of Punjab with all the police and army hunting him.
    Even in Great Britain, the Sikhs betrayed Baba Ji by declaring in various newspapers that Baba Manochahal is not the Jathedar of Akal Takht.

  23. lovepreet singh says:

    babab gurajan singh manochal ji sikhi sangarsh de aakhri dhamb san jo aakhiri tak goverment nal ladde rahe , babab ji bahot pyar Rakhan wale Naram Dil Insan san , Babab ji ek sache te soojvan kharku san , aj sanu babba ji di baht lod hai , miss u baba ji , love u baba ji , Baba Gurbachan singh manochal Amar Ne , Khalistan Jindabad, Je Babab ji Te Kehan Te Kharku Jthebandiya Election Lddiya te sangrsh khatm na hunda, Bba ji Bhaot Bhakti Karde c , Bhaot Lambe Samay Tak Samadhi Lga Lende c Kayi Wari

  24. Sukhi Singh says:

    So true that Baba Gurbhachan Singh Manochahal was betrayed by so many people. In the UK there were so called Sikh organisations who claimed to fight for Khalistan but were really working with the Government of India to undermine Baba Gurbhachan Singh Ji Manochahal. Shame on these organisations.

  25. Hardev Singh khalsa says:

    Asi sun de hunde c k.. Hari Singh nalwa,jassa Singh ramgrhiya, bhai taru Singh, bhai Manni Singh te sochde hunde c k.. Oh Kive de Hon ge.. Kive Jivaan bateet karde Hon ge…Te sochde c kaash asi v Ohna nu dekh skde… Par Jad main Hun sant jarnail Singh, baba manochahal ji, avatar Singh bhrama ji, gurdev Singh kaunke, anokh Singh babar te beant saheed sunde, Dekhde aw taan mehsoos hunda k eh same Ohi Ne… Jive h 300 saal Phela c ove hi Hun Sikh Ne… Baja wale Mahi di sazzi akal parukh di fouj Har tym Eve hi rahu.. Mahan saheeda nu shardanjli Sirf Eve hi a.. K Ohna wal dekh k kuj sikhna te Ohna nu apne Dil ch vasuona….. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

  26. manpreet singh says:

    pranaam shaheeda nu

  27. jaskirat gill says:

    Khalistan Zindabaad, Baba Manochahal was a true shaheed, an extremely intelligent person. We shall never forget him!



  29. Gurbinder singh says:

    Wjkk wjkf
    Baba manochahal was a great Sikh leader,he fought for Sikh rights he was a leader who can give the directions to panth khalsa that time he obey his duties according to Guru ji’s way of life he was first man who declared the Shaheedi of Sant jarnail singh ji but some people blame baba ji that he want the dastaar of damdami taksal but Baba ji said I don’t want dastar but this is the truth. Sarakar nahi c chaundi k Sikh movement powerful hove so on a ne fir Santa di Shaheei nu loka k rakhia jisda sarkar nu faidaa hoya k kaum di energy waste ho rahi a ajj tak kuj lok kendy sant ji Shaheed ne te Koi.ajj v nahi mandatory jad k Damdami taksaal walo v ailaan ho chukka hai.
    Baba g ne panthik unity Lai v bahut jor Lagaia c k as Ik ho jaiey but jo lok sarkar ne kharkoo jathebandia ch fit kar dittey c oh nahi c eh Hon Dena chaundey so baba ji da plan c k saria jathebadia nu khatam karkey singhan de ho rahe nuksaan nu rokia jave te Ik hi leader hove jo sara nu lead karey te baking sare Singh os Nall sehmat Hon te kaum os jarnail di selection kharkoo jathebadia Cho karkey Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji de sanmukh ardass karkey osdi directions nu follow karn te baking Singh hathiar na chuk k sirf dasey Hoi kam nu hi poor karn is naall Ik te jathebadia ch aapsi fight nahi hovegi dooja singhan dI police encounters te v rok lagu gi te sangarsh nu hor lamba time run kita ja sakda hai eh baba ji di soch c jo panth ch baithey sarkarI banding ne siray na charn ditti.
    Jado kps gill ne keha c k asI Jaldi khalistani movement stop kar deni hai ta Ik sarkari karkoo da news paper ch Bian c k jad tak Baba Manochahal jinda hai tusi khalistani movement nu stop nahi kar sakde fir is Tarah sarkar ne apney bandia to directions Lai k baba ji nu catch karn Lai sari police da jor laga ditto te 60 police parties at 1 time raides after baba ji so afsoos hai k Baba g da last time police mukabla nahi ho Sakia j Hunda ta may be on a nu far tan eh nahi c sakde Sawa lakh da gera pauna penda .baba ji nu sarkar kol apni jammer sell kar chukey Ik parivarr ne Ratol pind ch police walo ditti jehar dud ch mila k de ditti c te oh 28 February 1993 nu Santa de bachna t3 pera dindey hoy Shaheed ho gai te Sikh Panth di pith na Lagan ditti Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji de oh bahut hi ziada nerey San eh gal pir Wali stor to v Pata lagdi hai te ohna di yudkala to te shashters naall pyaar karn to v pta lagdi hai.oh hathiar kol Hundley Hoi v Jaldi kisey nu shoot nahi c kardey cause Gurb ani de oh bahut nerey San Ik war Ik singh ne dasia k oh jaa rahey San k Baba g police nakey te enter ho gai jo near de pl nu cross kardian hi police ne laia c baba g ne dekhia soldiers was sleeping baba ji did not open fire they return back and singh asked what happened baba ji why you leave them just shoot them baba ji replied let go other way why we kill innocent people they are working for goVT but still from Sikh families even they are Hindu don’t kill them like this if a brutual police officer don’t let them go they are our real enemies.
    Bole so Nihal sat Sri akaal