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1984 Delhi Massacres

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kuldeep: on Wed 04 Feb 2009 01:55:23 PM MST

I was 11 years old in 1984.we were about to be attacked by our own neighbours with whome we were living for so long.

Gurpreet: on Mon 17 Dec 2012 08:51:41 PM MST

I think majority of people in India were illiterates and Indian politics had encouraged these people to take such actions. India had this problem right from the beginning in 1947. Indian politics tactics are far more dirty. What happened in 1984 was horrible and dirty. Now we do not want to see this anymore and head forward. Killing is never the answer to any problem and unfortunately Sikhs are minority not majority and until you are not majority your power and voice is limited. I mean Sikh religion is vanishing day by day and this is a great threat to Sikhism not what happens in 1984. If you people want to do something about 1984 than do it by encouraging people to join Sikhism and Sikh to wear there turbans that way you will be identified and notice and one step closer to majority. I have a massage to people who made this website stop provoking people and take them back 27 year and its is not in the interest of Sikhism but threat now I believe also Indian justice system should prosecute the master mind of 1984. But as a Sikhs you can not afford to another 1984 and so this website admin please put something forward which encourage people to join your religion not deteriorate from your faith. I mean seriously people how many Sikhs who calls them self Sikhs are walking around there days without long hairs and I'm sorry you can not call yourself Sikh if you have no long hair. So it's not about forgetting its about learning from it and making sure there is no other 84 never ever!!!!!

lovepreet singh: on Sat 25 May 2013 12:30:20 AM MDT

This can again happen, the only solution is Own Home land , Khalisatan , it was not riots it was govenment who did this , Saint ji tired sayng the single thing that goverment is behaving sikhs as a seceond citizen , but most didnt listen him , goveremnt show us two times , first by attacking darbar shahib , second by murdering & looting sikhs in 1984 , very sad happen , waheguuru ji ehar karan

gurpreet singh: on Tue 07 Apr 2015 10:09:04 AM MDT

A phale v gangu c ajj v gangu be namak haram

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