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Singh Soorme Magazine

Singh Soorme Magazine

The SinghSoorme magazine project took birth in June 2010. Through the magazine we aim to reach sangat at local Gurdwara Smagams, Programs and Events globally to spread awareness of the events leading to the call for Khalistan and the glorious lives of the Shaheed’s who sacrificed their lives in the process.

The SinghSoorme magazine is distributed FREE of charge at all local events/programs and till date we have managed to reach Gurdwaras all over the UK as well as California (USA), Surrey (Canada), Paris (France). We are in discussion with various Panthic Gurdwaras and Organisations who will further promote this project and very soon the SinghSoorme magazine will be available across the UK, Europe, Canada, America & Australia

These magazines will be part of a large collection of publications, which will be published in the very near future. These will in turn create the foundation of a unique piece of history; an Encyclopaedia of all the Jujharoos of all Jathebandis which fought for Sikh freedom.

As this magazine is distributed FREE, the Sewadars rely heavily on sangats donations to make this possible and ensure longevity of this project. All donations and funds recovered from the magazine go straight back into sewa.

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