Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh

September 3, 2009 - Posted in 1978 Kanpur Shaheeds

Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh

Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh

Bhai Gurjeet Singh was a BA student in the DAV College Kanpur and was considered a good student as well as the NCC (National Cadet Core) Champion. He had received honours in the Jhansee camp as well as others.

The Shaheeds’ father, Sardar Joginder Singh had moved from village Vasr Gujarat (Pakistan) to Kanpur. The residents of village Vasr were all well known for their Patnhtic sentiments. Sardar Joginder Singh is a well-known personality in Kanpur where he is an SDO in the Defence Service.

Bhai Gurjeet Singh Shaheedi Saroop

Bhai Gurjeet Singh Shaheedi Saroop

When the protest march moved towards the Narkdhari Bhavan, Bhai Gurjeet Singh along with his friends was at the very front of the march and when the bullets began to rain down, he declared “I am not the son of a coward that I will step back. I am Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s son and I will go forward” And with this, he fell to the hail of bullets. Bhai Gurjeet Singh’s tattered body was, according to the post mortem, hit once in the head, once in the temple, on both sides of the torso, both sides of his legs. once in the chest and once in the chin.


10 Responses to “Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh”
  1. My Dear All Sikh brothers and sisters……..
    Firstly I give my respect to Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh, also I was an NCC cadet, so i know all Cadets are very brave and this is the proof.
    We live in a beautiful country and in relation of unity we are brothers and sisters.So we have to live unitedly and respectfully.But we people fighting in the name of religion.Forget about what we have seen and spent, Live for present. we have to face the most dangerous threat to our nation that is “CORRUPTION”. we need to fight unitedly against this CORRUPTION. IF WE FIGHT IN BETWEEN US…..THEN OUR NEIGHBOR COUNTRY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE FROM IT.
    JAI HIND…..

  2. Avtra Singh says:

    Dear Sikh Brethren,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    I salute to all such personalities as are symbol of valourism and put everything at stake when it comes to safeguarding righteousness; and i believe Shaheed Sh. Gurdeep Singh was one of them who demonstrated it at very young age through his sacrifice. We can learn one thing from his sacrifice that when it comes to restoring righteousness, we should be leading from the front “Sees Talii Tee Tharke”. Coincidently, I have also done my form DAV College Kanpur and had also been a Senior Under Officer in NCC (54 UP Battalion).

  3. jugdeep briach says:

    @ Alok kumar kanungo f*** you. Gay Hind and Jay Khalistan

  4. pahul sing bagga says:

    i think that alok kumar kanungo you are wright but i also feel that the sikh fighting for there wright are not wrong ,u are asking us to forget what has passed but do u think that this would help us to live with honor do reply me i don’t wanna fight but just had asked you a question …..

  5. gurjot singh says:

    Well, i believe punjab has never got what it deserved, we sikhs faced the worst times of the history, but still we stood still to fight back again…….
    but @ALOK KUMAR, well u r right, j ladhna e ae ta burai naal ladho, indian govt nu majboor karo 84 da insaaf karn layi, ladhna e ae ta ladho ohna naal jinna karke ajj sikh munde aapde kes katal kra rhe ne……….. v shud not be against india, but indian govt.
    Main aap congress da virodh krda aa, par ki kriye hor parties(like BJP) v edda diya e ne…. j ladna e ae ta lado ohna naal jehde politicians ne 84 de riots kraye c, like Jagdish Tytler, te mainu aa ni samaj aundi, jehde riots de sbto vadde participants c like rajiv gandhi, punjab sarkar uss kutte de naa te tech park bna rahi hai….. akheer che “JEHDE TOPA NAAL SADDE DARBAAR DHAUNDE RAHE, TUSSI OHNA DEYA GALA VICH HAAR PAUNDE RAHE” ……

  6. Dalbir singh says:

    main tan julam nu history cho hi khatm kar den de himat rakh da ha je ki naal hove Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  7. gurjeet says:

    I too feel bad about the incident. But I think such protests should have been avoided. No I do not support any of the controversial acts by the Nirankari sect
    but we have a judiciary. As far as 1984 riots are concerned, let us not forgive Congress.

  8. kshitij says:

    we should fight against evil….
    1984 mai jo hua tha was terebly bad or usmy sikh bhaiyo ka jo bhi nuksan hua ussy koi poora nahi ker sakta, na hi nuksan poora kerny ki soch sakta hai…
    but we are new generation
    or humy ye dhyan rkhna chahiye ki ye aag politicians ki lagyi thi and jismy sirf comon admi jalta hai, werna hum sab khud hi peacefully rehna chahty hai.
    mai HINDU hoo or mai aksar guruduwary jata hoo, or mere kayi sikh frnds mandi aaty hai or humy kafi sukoon milta hai ….
    i wish ki humri aany wali generation isi trh peacefully rahy, na ki fuddu politicians ki baato mai aaky befkuf bany

  9. daljit singh says:

    Kshitij, I m a sikh, and some how I agree with u.

  10. Bimal says:

    1984 – thousands of Sikhs massacared , but no one punished . what kind of justice is this . Can those who lost their dear one’s forget 1984 .